Is domino's gluten free pizza safe for celiacs?

Domino's isn't gluten-free, some are. That said, they don't have flour in their stores either.

Is domino's gluten free pizza safe for celiacs?

Domino's isn't gluten-free, some are. That said, they don't have flour in their stores either. The CC is because they use fully shared surfaces and coverages of the same containers for everything. The dough arrives gluten-free, and from there it stops due to handling.

I have read that celiacs should not eat this legal notice on their website and would never consider eating it. I have a friend who eats it and is constantly sick even years after her diagnosis. He doesn't make good decisions and will probably never recover and will eventually end up with additional AI or cancer problems because of it. According to our most recent evaluation of scientific data, foods that contain levels of gluten that do not exceed 20 ppm would not pose a health risk for the vast majority of people with celiac disease or for people with gluten sensitivity.

The level of gluten found in our pizza made with gluten-free dough is less than 20 PPM. However, Domino's pizza made with gluten-free dough is prepared in a common kitchen with the risk of exposure to gluten. Therefore, Domino's does NOT recommend this pizza to customers with celiac disease. Customers with gluten sensitivity should use good judgment when consuming this pizza.

I wish they would charge a little less for a small pizza (I know it costs the same as small gluten-free pizzas), but I still think that they are too expensive compared to other brands. Dominos's GF dough is very tasty, but they use the same pizza cutter to cut all the pizzas (normal and gluten-free). You've given me the confidence to try it today and I've definitely found my new favorite gluten-free pizza. I used to react to old gluten-free Dominos pizzas and honestly I didn't like the taste, I thought gluten-free Pizza Hut was better.

Since the dominoes themselves explicitly say that their pizzas are not safe for celiacs, I would say that your gluten-free friend is at a tremendously unnecessary risk, given that there are many safer pizzas out there. They use separate ovens and pizza molds to bake them and don't use a pizza cutter, as they only have a few. The gluten-free pizza was very good as far as gluten-free pizza was concerned, but the price was a little expensive. It's hard to find a good gluten-free pizza, but this domino pizza makes mine well done (on request) and tastes like a regular thin-crust pizza.

I ordered a gluten-free pizza thinking it was safe, but it definitely wasn't because the next few days I got sick from that stupid pizza. Because while the Schär gluten-free pizza base used at Domino's is vegan, all vegan pizza options contain wheat.

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